Frequently Asked Questions
Please ask us if you have any other questions not listed.


Q : Do you have apartments outside of Tokyo?

A : Unfortunately we have apartments in Tokyo area only.


Q : How soon can I check-in an apartment?

A : We usually need about 5 days for all of contract procedures.

Q : Do I need a Japanese guarantor?

A : No, you do not. You just need “Emergency Contact” who must be someone other than lessee nor tenant.


Q : Can I pay the cost via credit card?

A : You can use the following credit cards.

Credit card payment is available only for your 1st payment.

Q : How and where can I get my apartment key?

A : Our key system is “Self Check-in & out”, so it is not necessary to meet us in person to receive a key on your arrival date.

“Moving-in Guidance” will be sent when all of contract procedures is complete.


Q : Can I extend my contract term after check-in?

A : If you request the renewal of contract up to 30 days before the end date of the contract, renewal of contract shall be made possible only when we agree to contract renewal.


Q : Is there any cancel policy?

A : If you cancel your application after completing the first payment by previous day of the first day of your contract, 10,000JPY will be consumed as cancellation fee..

If you cancel after your first day of your contract, fees for up to 30 days would be charged as the cancellation fee.

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