Do you have a driver’s license ? When we have it, we can go to the various locations which we can’t go by train.  Everyone knows that Japanese cars have the driver’s seat on the right side, and run the left side on the road when we drive.  However,  there are other things to remember if you drive a car in Japan.  This time, I will introduce a very important signs which is put sticker on the car.  If you remember them, your driving will be more fun and safely and if you see cars which have these signs, please be careful and drive with respect for each other.

1.初心運転者標識(Beginner driver sign)
The yellow and green marks called “Wakaba mark” and “Beginner mark” are officially called “Shoshinsha mark” in Japanese.  We are obliged to put this sticker on the car for one year after getting a driver’s license and if you break the rules, you have to pay penalty.



2.高齢運転者標識(Elderly driver sign)

This sign is in the shape of a clover and it’s a new one that appeared in February 2011.  There are no obligations or penalties for labeling, and we encourage people over the age of 70 who may be affected by poor physical function to label as “obligation to make efforts”.

3.聴覚障碍者標識(Hearing impaired sign)

This sign is for people who meet the conditions stipulated by law and  hearing impaired person with a driver’s license.  Those people must wear a specific rear-view mirror and display this mar



4.身体障碍者標識(Handicapped person sign)

This is a mark displayed by people who drive a car but  they have Physical disability.  This sign called “Clover mark” and Labeling is obligatory.



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