We all enjoy Cherry Blossom viewing!
Cherry Blossom (Sakura) blooms around late March, and many people comes to see Sakura to take some photos or get together with friends and families to have kind of like a picnic at this time!


Everyone brings different types of Food and Drinks, such as sandwiches, snacks, alcohols or even Handmade lunch box, which we call them “Hanami Bento” (Hanami Lunch Box) to share with others.
Check below for various foods and drinks which are most popular for Cherry Blossom Viewing.


1.Handmade Lunch Box (Hanami Lunch Box)

Packed with vegetables, meat, fish and rice, and some Lunch Boxes can be really colourful! Very photogenic!


2.Dango (Dumpling)

A Japanese sweet dumpling made out of  rice flour.


3.Cherry Blossom rice cake (Sakura Mochi)

A pink rice cake filled with red bean paste, rapped around with cherry leaf.


4.Fried Chicken (Karaagae)

A Japanese Friend Chicken, usually flavored with soy sauce, garlic and ginger. It is one of the most appetizing menus that go with white rice.



A Japanese popular traditional raw food with rice.


6.Rice Balls (Onigiri)

A simple meal for Japanese, usually a round or triangular shaped ball made out of rice. There are various types of ingredients to choose from such as Tuna, Ume (a Japanese Plum), salmon etc.


It may be difficult to go and have Ohamai this year, but people still can eat and drink at balcony or garden with small group of people and enjoy the moment with families and friends!

Please enjyo!

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