Do you know Cherry-blossom viewing ?  Japan has 4 seasons so we can enjoy all seasons throughout the year but many cherry blossoms bloom in spring, so many people go out on the weekend to see beautiful charry blossom.  Tokyo gets warm early, so we’ll see beautiful cherry blossoms in March. This time, I would like to introduce you to cherry blossom viewing in Japan. If you read this article, you will surely want to go to see the cherry blossoms with your loved ones.
How to do Cherry-blossom viewing
In this event, we enjoy eating and drinking with family, friends or coworkers under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms.  Many parks get crowded with viewers and street stalls so it’s like a kind of a festival.  The temperature is very warm in March and April, so it’s great to have a drink while looking at the beautiful scenery under the tree.  Japanese people love cherry blossoms not only because they are beautiful but also because they only bloom for a very short period.  There is a limit to the period during which the flowers bloom. Let’s go out when it’s sunny and you may be surprised at those beautiful scenery !

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