Most Japanese take a bath every day.  It’s not just taking a shower, but taking a bath and many people will be surprised because countries with such customs are rare.  Do you know what the health benefits of taking a bath are?  “Elderly people who take a bath in a bathtub more than 7 times a week have a 30% reduction in the risk of being certified as requiring long-term care compared to those who take a bath less than twice a week.” This is data released by a research team at Chiba University two years ago.  In this study, 13,786 men and women over the age of 65 who were not certified as requiring long-term care were followed up for three years.  In addition to the thermal effect, when you soak in a bathtub, you can obtain a hydrostatic pressure effect that makes the whole body massaged by water pressure, and a buoyancy effect that reduces gravity in water. This result was expected to some extent, as bathing has many other effects, but it was the first clinically proven result.  The Japanese tend to work long hours, and despite the high smoking rate, longevity is recognized as a mystery all over the world. However, based on the results of this survey, bathing habits are considered to be good for our health.  We have a lot of apartments which has bathtub so please feel free to contract us if you are looking for a room which has bathtub in TOKYO !

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