Do you like Tea ? Sugar is low in tea Compare with juice so it’s good for our health and it is also very popular among foreigner recently. Tea was adopted from China for but Japanese love it for a long time and we drink tea everyday. This time, we show you the most popular 3 teas in Japan on this blog !

Sen-cha is one of the most popular tea in all green tea.  Tea is made by processing fresh leaves cultivated in a tea plantation.
Fermentation of fresh leaves begins with the action of oxidase from the time of picking, but green tea is an unfermented tea that stops the action of oxidase by heat treatment in a fresh state.  Sen-cha is the tea made by the most common method of steaming and kneading to make rough tea.

Genmai-cha is made by roasting steamed rice soaked in water and adding ban-cha and Sen-cha in almost the same amount.  You can enjoy the aroma of roasted rice and the refreshing taste of Ban-cha and Sen-cha.  Since the amount of sencha and Ban-cha used is reduced due to the mixture of rice, it has less caffeine and is recommended for children and the elderly.

3. ほうじ茶(Houji-cha)
Hoji-cha is a tea that brings out the aroma of Sen-cha, Ban-cha, and Kuki-cha by roasting them over high heat until they turn golden brown.  It is heated at about 200 degrees with a rooster until it produces a roasted aroma, and then cooled immediately.  By roasting, caffeine is sublimated, and you can enjoy the aroma and refreshing light taste.

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