Have you ever eaten Oden ? Oden is a type of Japanese stew and in Japan, we often eat Oden when it gets cold because our body become warm when we eat it.  Oden is a traditional Japanese dish made by simmering various ingredients.  The ingredients have unique characteristics that change according to each region so which ingreadients you like the best ?  This time, Let’s see the Ranking of the most popular Oden ! You might want to eat Oden after you read this blog 💛

No.3 ちくわ(Chikuwa)

Chikuwa is the processed fish cakes.  The flavor of the soap permeates the whole Chikuwa so it’s so delicious. Don’t get burnt!

No.2 煮たまご(Boiled-Egg)

I think Most of people love this Boiled Egg.  The flavor of the soap also permeates the whole eggs so it’s so sweet and mild taste.

No.1 大根(Radish)

In Japan, Radish is one of the most popular vegetable and we can eat it all the year round.  The Radish soaked in tasty soap makes our body so warm !

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